Editing a campaign is simple. First select the page by clicking on the page avatar. Then click the “Edit” button then choose that you want to edit in the ad. You can edit the content, budget, pause or cancel. Editing content is the same as the adding of creative content. You can change any of the text, call to action, and the photo.

A campaign's audience can not be edited.

Pausing a campaign will put the Facebook ad in a paused state. This means that your ad budget will stop from spending and will no longer be shown to any targeted people. The creative will not be touched. When resumed the ad will start again. Your account will be charged for the paused ad.

Deleting a campaign will stop the ad from running and will also delete the account and remove the creative.This should be done if the customer is no longer active and you no longer wish to retain the data. Your account will no longer be charged for this campaign’s budget.