Reports are provided overall for all customer pages which are active and have campaigns with an ad. Each individual campaign has it’s own report as well. The overall report is exportable into a CSV format with all customers using the “Export Report” button on the main dashboard. Individual customer campaigns can be viewed by clicking the page.

When exporting a report you may select the last 30 days or choose a specific date range.

Note:The report will contain all the data available to your campaign, more than what is shown on the individual campaign. It will contain all the data which Facebook has on the campaign.

Reporting API

There is a reporting API which you can access to get the same data as in the exported csv report. This API responds in JSON format and requires an API key which we will provide.


Default result is the aggregate over the last 30 Days. You can pass date parameters to get back data on a specific day. These are the parameters and formatting: start_date  and  end_date

Example query by day:<api_key>&start_date=YYYY-MM-DD&end_date=YYYY-MM-DD