Hijack for Agencies requires a Facebook Page/Client is funded in order for a campaign to go live. To do this once a campaign is completed or before a campaign is started go into the Facebook Page/Client and then click the “Add Funds” button.

There will be two options to fund the account by credit card or wiring the funds.

Enter the amount of funds for the client. The minimum is $5 and maximum can be any amount larger. For larger amounts that can be run through a credit card we have the option of wiring the money. This option has instructions which require the setup of a Bill.com account and wiring the money to our bill.com account.

Remaining funds will be updated daily and be available within the Facebook Page/Client interface. You may change the budget at any time or ad funds at any time.

An alert will be sent when the funds reach $50 as a warning that the campaign is close to shutting off.

Please contact your account manager for specific feature requests or accounting questions.