Campaign creation is a very simple 3 step process. Once your account has been set up and your Facebook account is connected you can then create a campaign. You will see all the customer pages listed which you can create a campaign for. These are listed in alphabetical order and represented by a square with the page graphic/avatar and name of the business.

  1. Select the page by clicking on the page avatar

  2. Then click the “Create Campaign” button at the top right of the page

  3. Enter all the businesses data, We require address, city, state, zip code, website and phone number

    1. If there is existing business data, we pre-populate the data we have

    2. If there is no previous business data, all fields will be empty and need to be filled out.

    3. Add a Client ID, which is your internal company id for the company. This will be added to all reports for the particular campaigns.

  4. The next step targets the categories for the business. You can add more than one category and once chosen you can use the advanced audience customization.

  5. The Facebook Ad will be automatically generated. We utilize the image and text from the business's Facebook page. It is advised that you edit the creative with something more creative. To edit use the blue button at the top of the ad preview. See our Creative Recommendations.

  6. Last select the monthly budget for the Facebook Ad. And click “Complete

  7. The ad will be created and sent off to Facebook for approval. Facebook ad approval can take up to an hour but average time is 15 minutes. We will need the appropriate funds (Budget x 30 days) to be added before the campaign goes live.